Stay Out of Your Ears! Please!

So many people believe their ears are dirty and need cleaning. My message to you today is that all those people are wrong! Trust me, this is the truth. I have nothing against cotton bud manufacturers. My best friend works in a cotton bud manufacturing plant. We even drink beer on Sundays. So you see, this ain’t hatred.


My aunty came visiting last weekend. She wakes up every morning and first thing she does is pray. Then she heads to the bathroom to wash her mouth and brush her teeth. Finally he retrieves one cotton swab from this green container and sticks it in his ears one after the other, rotating it in a wiggling motion inside there. Luckily I caught her in the act because she continued doing it in the sitting room. Of course she believed her ears were dirty and needed right, proper cleaning. But hey, I’m the her young doc. Finally she yields to my protestations and throws the dangerous stuff inside the bin.

You wouldn’t believe it. Those seemingly harmless things send 12000 children to the hospital emergency room each year in Jand, according to CNN. Seriously. Indeed, authors of a recent study in the Journal of Pediatrics, conducted by researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, warn that using cotton-tip applicators to clean the ear can be dangerous, especially in the hands of little ones.

Apart from pushing the ear wax further back in against the ear drum, using cotton buds can cause tears in the ear drum and dislocate the bones of the ear drum resulting in hearing loss. I know some coconut heads will think this is all a joke. But it’s not. The ear is self cleaning, just like the vagina. Wiping away wax as it comes to the outside of the ear is MORE THAN ENOUGH to keep it clean.

I don talk my own.

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