Olowogbogboro arrests Sango Worshipper!

Chai! I have testimonies this morning ooo. Just yesterday I was agreeing with haters criticising Olowogbogboro praise challenge, just yesterday o, imagine. I did not have any inkling, not even an iota of it, that my own life is about to be changed! Changed forever! Please listen to my inspiring story below.

I can recall how I hated this online praise and singing. Who prayers epp sef? Why are these Christians disturbing the peace of the entire country, I asked. This is what I have been asking until last night. I blamed Christianity for our bad roads. I blamed Christians for Buhari’s incompetence. I said it was the Will of God. I said Christianity was to blame for the rotten road infrastructure all over the country. Who killed our judiciary? I said over – reliance on revivals and crusades and too many churches. I insisted that politicians were building churches to the detriment of industrial investments and public infrastructure. There was nothing I did not blame on Christianity. The hatred I had for Christianity could topple a Goliath.

So this brother used to block my car every day. I would come back from work and park, only for this brother to dump his car just behind my own, effectively preventing me from leaving without having to knock on his freaking iron door. I was tired and frustrated. “Oga, abeg park nearer to the wall so road go dey for me to pass nah”. This man was deaf and dumb. He refused to even budge. My blood pressure has been increasing per second per minute.

Last night, while discussing this issue with a friend who called me on the phone, the idea of participating in the Olowogbogboro challenge was planted in my stubborn soul. My people, that is how I found myself charging my phone at the kiosk close to my house where they use I – pass – my neighbour generator to charge phones for a fee. We didn’t even have light. Mosquitoes were buzzing everywhere. By 8:30 pm, my phone had collected about 85 percent charge. Even Internet nor steady for my area. I trusted in the words of my friend. I went to bed early as he advised. Na desperation cause am.

At 12 am prompt, I was on Instagram. Could you believe that my Internet was moving at 4G speeds on my phone that wasn’t even a 4G phone? We never get light for the area for 2 weeks, but miraculously, there was light at as soon as the clock chimed 12 am. That was surely the first sign. Within minutes, I was chanting Alleluia! with pastor Nathaniel. Such a true man of God! By 5 am when I finally went back to bed, exhausted, there was no mosquito bites on my body. Unbelievable!

Imagine my joy this morning when my neighbor knocked on my door by 7 am and requested to speak with me about our parking issues. He apologized profusely for all the inconvenience he has caused me, even offered me breakfast this morning. This Olowogbogboro is too much abeg! Just look at me. Who I be? Wetin I be? This my neighbour na retired force man oooo. A whole army man begging me. I silently thanked God in my heart.

I want to appeal to all  unbelievers to reconsider. They should use this precious opportunity to sing praises to Oluwa. It is happening already. It was pa Adeboye’s prayer against kidnappers that arrested Evans of Magodo. The police were helpless. My eyes have been opened. Please share these post so that everybody can see that our Olowogbogboro challenge has worked many wonders. Please also like our page so that you can follow these amazing stories. Let us disgrace these doubting Thomases!!! God bless you as you tap into these Miracles!



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