Impotence versus Lifestyle

Visit any motor park in Nigeria today and hear tradomedical practitioners advertise their numerous concoctions targeting men who can’t get it up in the bedroom. Indeed, many individuals routinely share their own recipes for spicing things up a bit and helping men rise to the occasion. I have heard of monkey tail, stout and ginseng, as well as many others. Truth is, erectile dysfunction is an important cause of reduced quality of life in men.

In the bid to satisfy themselves and their partners, many men try lots of things, including untested herbal remedies. But I will advise that men be wary of herbal mixtures, some of which have been implicated in liver and kidney failure. Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

Viagra and other prescription medications may be crucial in energising an otherwise dull sex life, yet lifestyle habits can make or mar a man’s extracurricular activities.
Reducing saturated fat intake can benefit men with erectile troubles.
Saturated gives rise to high cholesterol levels. Cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels that supply the penis can lead to obstruction and reduced blood flow, eventually giving rise to erectile dysfunction. Indeed, hypertension and diabetes have similar outcomes on the health of the penis. What should you eat? A healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish oils is beneficial for sexual health.

Many researchers have found possible links between erectile problems and obesity. Men with a BMI higher than 28.7 have a 30% higher risk for erectile dysfunction, than those with a normal BMI (<25). But of course, a healthy diet and exercise are all you need to keep your waistline in check. Oh, one more thing. Men with excess fat in the body (waist and tummy) degrade male sex hormones faster than their leaner counterparts. What to do? Watch your weight. Walk 2 miles in your own shoes as often as you can. Exercise regularly. Lift weights. Jog. Run. Work up a sweat at least three times a week. And please, quit smoking today. Your penis and sex life won’t be the only beneficiaries.

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