How to build massive arms

Back in the day, many guys I worked out with concentrated a lot of effort on working their biceps in the quest to develop the ultimate guns. Unfortunately, that is not how nature works. This is because the biceps make up a smaller component of arm muscles compared to the triceps. To build those massive arms, you also need to pay a bit more attention to triceps exercises, and for people who lead busy lives, the triceps skullcrusher is a great workout.

As the name suggests, you will crush your skulls if you employ the wrong technique. You must start with weights you can lift with good control, and avoid the temptation to gym to failure except if you are training with a partner. The exercise can be performed while standing, or lying on a bench press.</p>
<p>So let’s proceed. This is for the lying position. Your tools can fit, a bench and one dumbell, can sit comfortably at a corner in the bedroom.

Triceps Skullcrusher, neutral position (

Lie on the bench with your upper arms perpendicular to the floor.
Only extend your elbows. Ensure that your arms remain steady through the exercise. Lower the weight with good control.You want to be very deliberate about this. Now, extend your elbow back up, stopping short of full extension so that you’re unable to rest in the top position, which keeps tension on the muscle throughout the range of motion. Keep your elbows in tight and avoid elbow flare to ensure the triceps do the bulk of the work. You do it the wrong way, and your shoulders suffer. Not good.

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